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We specialize in the human side of communication Learn more

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Our History

Verney Conference Management (“VCM”) was founded in 2002. Over the past 15 years, the company has grown to produce over 250 events from coast to coast.

Dustin Rivers, the company's co-Founder, was working in Toronto for what he calls a "conference production factory", and even though he was proud of the conferences he was creating, he also knew they were very over-priced. He was quickly able to identify an opportunity, and with an eye towards working with the public sector to produce the same type of high quality events, but at a drastically less cost per delegate.

Dustin (and then partner Sean Downey, who recently got into the family real estate business downeyteam.com) packed up their meager belongings and moved to Ottawa to start Verney Conference Management.

It wasn't until 2003 that things really began to take off, and Dustin began formulating a new Event Production Business Model - what he now calls Community-Based Developed events. In April of that year, VCM was joined by now Partner and Co-owner, Chris Lutz.

Over this time, as Dustin and Chris honed their negotiation skills and learned more about the financial intricacies of the event industry. VCM took a "let's try to do it ourselves before paying someone else" mentality and quickly became a one-stop shop for complete Event Production. Not only did the team at VCM manage event logistics along with its associated vendors, it procured an AV arsenal capable of servicing a 300+ person event with 5 concurrent sessions running at any given time. VCM also began supplying in-house Graphic Design services, but perhaps most impressively of all, they created what is now known as EventSystemPro - VCM's custom built event registration and event management system.

~ Built by event planners for event planners.~


Another satiated delegate...

"It was a great conference and valuable topics were addressed that I had never considered before. Thank you for putting it on! Plus the food was AMAZING!!!"

Saskatchewan Public Sector Employee

2016 Saskatchewan Connections Conference

Worry-free speaker relations

"Verney Conference Management has been a pleasure to work with. They are responsive to my needs as an instructor, keeping me informed about potential issues or changes at every step along the way"

Lewis S Eisen

Trainer • Author • Consultant

Trusted by clients...

"Not only has Dustin significantly reduced the stress associated with logistics for our event, he has embraced our vision, provided sage advice and become a trusted sounding-board."

Marie-Anne St.Amour

Canadian Human Rights Commission

Where we are today

The essence of continued operational excellence at VCM is the ability to deliver a complete end-to-end service. VCM integrates innovative solutions and best practices in a way that creates a real bond with our clients and ensures high value outcomes for their events - both now and in the future. At VCM, we believe that effective communication breeds efficiency.

Efficiency has woven its way into our business practices as well. Nothing can facilitate the event planning process more than eliminating steps, which we've done by assuming many 3rd party service provider responsibilities in-house.

VCM's independently produced events have also grown more efficient - they target the exact audience they should with the precise message that needs to be heard. We know this because the audience has a seat at the planning table, and always will. Our delegates have a stake in their learning, and it's efficient.

Finally, we've streamlined the event planning process so much, that we were able to put the tools we developed in a box, put a bow on it and present EventSystemPro (ESP) to the masses. Designed by VCM's event planners, ESP's Suite simplifies the event management process so planners can manage the complexities of multiple events in less time.

~ As we continue to grow and change, finding efficiencies for ourselves and our clients remains our first priority. ~

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us:

Website: www.verney.ca
Telephone: 613.226.8317
Fax: 613.722.7725
Email: info@verney.ca

2720 Queensview Dr.
Ottawa, ON, Canada K2B 1A5