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~ Fostering Information Exchange Solutions ~

At Verney Conference Management, we believe that communication breeds efficiency. Our mandate is to provide the public sector with topical educational and networking opportunities in a relaxed and professional setting. Knowledge sharing with peers can save an organization many valuable resources. Through comprehensive research, we are able to dissect an issue, extracting the most appropriate topics while identifying the most appropriate speakers and topical experts capable of addressing the specific issues and challenges.

Our conference formats are designed to maximize the impact of our speakers, allowing participants to take full advantage of the knowledge exchanged. Providing the best forum and the best resources is paramount to our delegate experience. Our goal is for each delegate to not only walk away from a conference with a stronger understanding of the topic, but with the tools and expertise to implement solutions.

Where We Are Today

The essence of continued operational excellence at VCM is the ability to deliver a complete end-to-end service. VCM integrates innovative solutions and best practices in a way that creates a real bond with our clients and ensures high value outcomes for their events - both now and in the future. At VCM, we believe that effective communication breeds efficiency.

End to End Service
While we pride ourselves on the many differences between VCM and other larger conference production firms, our ability to produce an event with little to no help of 3rd party service providers would certainly top the list. From the creation and design of conference websites, to the use of our large selection of AV equipment while on site, VCM rarely needs the help of another expensive outside source.
Community-Based Program Development
We at VCM feel the largest disconnect between large conference production companies and their customers (delegates) is the fact that they don't necessarily understand what they need. That is why, in 2003, Dustin (VCM's co-Founder) established what we now consistently refer to as Community-Based Program Development approach. Essentially a planning committee is struck, made-up of a variety of topic experts, that represent the community the event is geared towards. They advise us on what they need to learn, who they need to hear from, and who else should be in the room. We've found this approach very effective in making sure conference agendas are actually useful to the delegation.
Most recently, we at VCM have created and since started reselling EventSystemPro (ESP), an event registration and management system that boosts efficiency and productivity for event planners and web administrators. Based on our own experiences managing events, and the impossibility in finding a perfect solution for our need to manage multiple events in an connected world, VCM embarked on building its own unique system. Designed by event planners, ESP's Suite simplifies the event management process so planners can manage the complexities of multiple events in less time.
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