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~ We specialize in the human side of communication ~

Independently Researched Learning Events

We produce independently researched, job-specific or industry-focused learning events that are available to the public. These events are based on:

• Knowledge sharing with industry leaders
• Best practices and lessons-learned research
• Peer to peer networking
• Community Building
Community-Based Program Development
In 2003, VCM established a process that we now consistently refer to as Community-Based Program Development. Essentially, we facilitate the getting together of a group of champions in different areas of expertise and study, who have a message to share. What better group of people to establish an agenda for a conference, than the audience themselves? This method has lead to the development of a series of great events, that are now an annual item in people's calendars.

It succeeds because the delegates feel they've had a say in the creation of the agenda - they feel they have a seat at the table. It succeeds because the audience can relate to the subject matter, and the associated speakers. But perhaps most importantly, it succeeds because those involved are not financially liable. We produce the event, manage the finances, marketing & logistics - and basically take care of everything except the message. Contact us if we can help.
Conference Management Services
As well, we can help organizations produce effective conferences, seminars and meetings. Verney Conference Management will take your next event to the next level. Taking care of your event from start to finish, we will help you with:
  • Research
  • Surveys
  • Event Logistics
  • Registration
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Workbooks
  • Audio/Visual
  • Collateral Material
  • Entertainment
  • Meals and Accommodations

With over 15 years of experience producing events, VCM is a conference management firm that can actually help with your content as well. We've developed a large and vast network of experts willing to help craft abstract, speak or facilitate workshops, as well as serve as content consultants. We have researched and produced conferences touching on:

  • Records Management
  • Information Management
  • Information Security
  • Physical Security
  • Access to Information
  • Privacy Policy
  • Health Information Management
  • Health Information Privacy
  • Bioethics
  • Character Education
  • Public Policy

Marketing & Surveys
ESP’s online Event Management Tool also boasts a robust contact manager and survey tool. Large contact lists can be uploaded into the system for mass communications, including online links to both other websites as well as downloadable documents, and of course, conference images. Contact lists are easily maintained with an unsubscribe feature, the ability for the administrator to edit, and delete entries, date and time stamps for sent messages, and searching and sorting features.

Clients often combine the use of the Contact Manager with the use of the Survey Tool for advance event research, market surveys, and most popular, post-event evaluations. Surveys are easily created, the user has access to a variety of different question types, and the system is built to summarize numeric answers for the administrator, which leads to easily produced post-conference evaluation reports.

Event Logistics
The days are busy and long, but if executed properly, can be extremely gratifying. Once on-site, no later than the day before the event is scheduled to begin or sooner, VCM will initiate the set-up for all aspects of the event. VCM will work with the venue on room set-ups, the Audio Visual suppliers on A/V Set-up, greet and coordinate any trade show floor participation, post the signage and prepare the registration area etc...

VCM also has experience coordinating volunteer teams, preparing Risk Mitigation Plans, chairing pre-conference meetings between all service providers involved in an event - basically any aspect of an event of any size. Most importantly, VCM has run workshops for a dozen to massive conference for a 1000, and has done so is countless varieties of venues across the country. If your event needs on-site support, we can help.

Registering for an event is one of the first interactions a participant will have with their host; we want this process to go well, and for it to be a positive experience.  Central to our in-house developed ESP Suite, is our online registration system – customized and tailored to be user-friendly to the delegate. It provides a one-stop facility where all registration, dietary requirements, access requirements, session selections, and payments can be recorded, communicated, confirmed and receipted. Hosted on a robust, secure, independent web platform (hosted in Canada), VCM’s online registration system can be accessed from any web enabled device, PDA, mobile phone, or laptop (Windows or Mac OS). 

Financial Management
VCM is often required to collect conference related revenue for its clients and holds itself to highest standards, ensuring transparency and accountability. Our system is easily audited and allows for one central location to manage all event related expenses and revenues. 

VCM’s online credit card payment system allows registrants to easily make payment of their invoice, either at the time of registration or any time after, for added convenience.  VCM’s PCI Compliant merchant service provider is Beanstream. Credit card information is never stored on VCM servers and when transmitted to Beanstream is properly encrypted using the latest encryption standards. We also have an open-book policy when it comes to all accounting practices as they relate to the events. We will provide detailed status updates at regular intervals as necessary and upon the completion of each event.

Audio / Visual
Over the years, VCM has procured an AV arsenal capable of servicing a 400+ person event with 5 concurrent sessions running at any given time. We can easily supply all of the AV required for a small workshop, or we can take care of the entire set-up of a massive conference with concurrent and keynote sessions. To be clear, we are not an AV company, but, we are conference managers with a combined 30+ years of experience that understand how the unique AV needs of conferences and learning events work.

We can also help with:

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Design and Collation of Event Workbooks
  • Collateral Material
  • Entertainment
  • Meals and Accommodations